What are Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are custom-fit window coverings.  The plantation shutters come in wide variety of colors, materials and designs.  They have their unique name as they were mainly used in the Southern states on plantations and farms.

Plantation shutters can provide many benefits for the homeowner.  The beautiful appearance that the plantation shutters offers to a home is one of the main benefits.  They offer insulation, depending on the materials that the homeowner has selected.  The shutters can keep the cold and heat from entering the home.  The shutters can also keep noise level out of the home too.

Privacy is granted with plantation shutters.  The homeowner can chose to open the bottom half or the top half of the shutters to allow in lighting.  The shutters don’t break like mini-blinds and are long lasting.  The plantation shutters also add value to any home.

Plantation shutters have been around for decades and are making a major comeback to homes across the United States.  They offer beauty, privacy, insulation and much more for the homeowner.

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