Fort Mill Custom Blinds Update for Nice Couple

Artisan Shutter was contacted by a husband and wife who were currently renovating their home in Fort Mill, North Carolina. The couple’s current window treatments were very old and drab venetian blinds. The couple wanted to remove these dated artifacts and update their windows with custom blinds. They called Artisan Shutter and scheduled an in-home consultation with the couple so we could go over the Fort Mill custom blinds they were looking for. We informed the couple that custom blinds would allow the couple the ability to bring their personal touch, style, and décor to their windows. We went over the benefits of custom blinds, which included durability, moisture and sun resistance, and a choice of colors, fabrics, and designs.

The couple chose the style, color and decided to go with motorized roller window shades for their windows. We measured the windows so we would have the precise measurements required to do an excellent job. Once the roller window shades were made our professional installers scheduled the installation. The installers completed their work within a few hours. The couple was relieved that the motorized windows were incredibly simple to operate and, of course, couldn’t take their eyes off their beautiful new shades.

We were so glad to update the couple’s window treatments and to deliver their very own custom shades. The happy couple was able to match the color of the shades to the décor of the space with no problem. Artisan Shutter offers a wide variety of custom blinds for Fort Mill, North Carolina residents.

What is involved in shutter maintenance?

Shutters have become the #1 choice for window treatments. They add beauty to a home, energy efficiency, and can bring sophistication to home and décor. Shutters are very low-maintenance, and easy to take care of. If they are located indoors, you will want to use a soft dust cloth and furniture polish. You should take the furniture polish and spray it onto the cloth. You should never spray the furniture spray onto the shutters. Then wipe down to remove all dust and dirt that gets onto the shutters. You can also use a feather duster to get in between the slants.

To clean plantation shutters that are outdoors, use a gentle dish soap added to a bucket of water, and a soft cloth. Wipe down the plantation shutters to remove dirt and grime, then you can gently use a water hose without any hard force or power to rinse the soap and dirt from the plantation shutters. Depending on where you live, you should try to clean your shutters at least once a month, or more if the area that you live is heavily dusty and dirty.

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What is the best way to clean and maintain my window coverings?

The best way to clean and maintain window coverings is to do weekly or bi-weekly dusting and cleaning. Dusting is an excellent way to clean window treatments. A feather duster is a great way to remove dust that has gathered on window coverings. Also, using a soft cloth with furniture polish applied to the cloth can be used. Gently go over the window covering with the soft cloth to remove all dust, dirt, and debris. If you do this regularly, then the window coverings will stay clean and maintained. 

There is no major maintenance that needs to be done for the window coverings; they have a very low maintenance. The window coverings just need to be cleaned regularly, so they stay looking good and operating properly. Artisan Shutter offers low maintenance window coverings. Our shutters are crack, chip, and warp-free, because we use quality wood, and excellent craftsmanship. Our shutters come with a lifetime warranty, because they are so durable. We offer our customers with quality window coverings, and a warranty on all of our products. If you are tired of replacing your window coverings often because they break, fade, and just don’t last, then contact Artisan Shutter. We are Charlotte’s window covering specialists.

Is it true that window shutters lower energy bills?

Window coverings definitely lower energy bills. Depending on the window coverings, homeowners can drastically reduce their energy bills. Shutters are the best window coverings to lower energy bills. They are so effective that homeowners can have shutters installed in their home and be able to get a tax credit for the product and installation.

Shutters can lower energy costs by blocking heat and cold from entering the home, and it can stop the heating and cooling from escaping the home. Shutters add a thick layer of insulation to the windows that blinds and drapes can’t do alone. Homeowners can add them along with their drapes to get added insulation. Regular mini blinds don’t offer the energy efficiency that shutters can offer.

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What is the difference between faux wood and real wood blinds?

There are many differences between faux wood and real wood blinds. Faux wood is made of a polymer material (PVC), and made to look like real wood blinds and are limited to the color choices. Real wood blinds are less resistant to damages and are a great insulation for windows. Real wood blinds can come in more colors and stains. Artisan Shutter doesn’t use faux wood for their blinds. Since our blinds are made to order for our customers, we come out to your home and measure your windows, then have them made. Our blinds are made in Charlotte and come with a lifetime warranty. Our customers have the option of choosing the exact color and finish they want for their wood blinds, so they will match the interior of their space and décor. Our blinds require very little maintenance and they won’t chip, warp or bow. They also offer energy efficiency, which will lower energy costs for homeowners.

Artisan Shutter has been providing real wood blinds for over twenty years. We are experienced, qualified, and trained to measure, and install real wood blinds, so our customers have a stress-free experience with their wood blinds. If you are interested in having real wood blinds installed in your home, then contact Artisan Shutter.  Your #1 window covering company can be found here.

How much do shutters, blinds, and drapes cost?

Shutters, blinds and drapes all cost a different price. Homeowners can get a different price on them at different retailers. Artisan Shutter doesn’t quote for those because every window is different. We come directly to your home and go over window covering options, so we can give our customers exactly what they want with their window treatments. We have highly qualified and trained installers who will measure your windows, so we get the exact size and have your window coverings designed for your windows only. Once the window treatments have been made, our installers will install the window coverings for you, so we know that they are a perfect fit.

Artisan Shutter has been providing window coverings for over twenty years. Our dedication and years of experience allow us to offer high quality window coverings. We can’t quote a basic price for shutters, blinds and drapes. We want to make sure that our customers are getting exactly what they want, and the window coverings are a perfect size and fit. Artisan Shutter offers our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we take the appropriate steps to ensure that our customer’s window treatments are exactly what they want and need. Contact Artisan Shutter for all your window coverings, and let us go over the variety and options, so we can give you an accurate price.

Do Wood Shutters Warp or Chip Easily?

While some shutter providers wood shutters do warp and chip easily, Artisan shutters don’t warp or chip with ease. Our shutters are specially made in the Charlotte area. The shutters are milled then manufactured right here in our area, and state. We can proudly say that our shutters are made in the United States. Artisan Shutters are handmade by local residents. Our shutters are made of 100% wood, and not synthetic wood, or ‘faux wood’ that our competitors use. Artisan Shutters combine old world craftsmanship along with modern technology, so our shutters will last a lifetime without cracks, warps, and breakage. Quality handcrafted shutters will not warp, crack, peel or break, so we can provide high quality shutters that will last a lifetime.

Our shutters come with a lifetime warranty, so our customers can rest assured that they will not warp, chip, or break. Artisan Shutter offers a variety of options for finishes and colors for their shutters, so our customers will get exactly what they want with their shutters. We have been providing quality shutters for over twenty years! With that experience and dedication, we can provide shutters for our customers that will be energy efficient, attractive, and warp-free. Artisan Shutter is so confident that our products will last that we back our shutters with a lifetime warranty. Our competitors don’t offer that on their shutters. If you are interested in shutters, contact Artisan Shutters.

How Do I Measure My Windows and Doors?

Our customers don’t have to worry about measuring their windows and doors. Artisan Shutters has highly trained shutter artisans that come to your home and discuss what options are available for your windows and doors, because there are so many different types and sizes of windows and doors. Once you have selected exactly what selections you want, our qualified installers will come out to your home and take the exact measurements of your windows and doors. After the measurements have been taken,  they are sent to our personal production department, so they can be made precisely for your windows and doors.

The shutters will start to be hand built by in Charlotte by qualified and experienced craftsmen. All shutters are specially made and designed for each customer’s windows and doors. We can never duplicate a shutter, because a shutter will never be made until the windows and doors have been specially measured by our artisans, then the orders will be placed. Our customers get a lifetime warranty on all of our shutters. We are very serious about our measurements, so our customers get a precise, perfect fit.

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Why would I want plantation shutters for the interior of my home?

Plantation shutters has been around for decades and have been added to the interior of homes for years. While plantation shutters were mostly used in Southern homes, they have become quite popular all over the country because of the many benefits. Plantation shutters are a great at lowering energy costs because they act as an extra layer of insulation to windows. They will keep the heat of the sun from entering your home, while blocking your cool air from escaping in the summer. The plantation shutters will keep your home warmer in the colder months, as it blocks cold air from entering the home, and keeps the heat from escaping.

The plantation shutters can be finished in any color, so it will match the décor of the home and they come in all sizes, too. A homeowner can have plantation shutters added that shut at the top and open at the bottom. The plantation shutters add value to a home because of the benefits that they bring. If you are interested in adding plantation shutters to the interior of your home, Artisan Shutter is who you should call. We offer handmade and built plantation shutters that will fit the interior windows perfectly. We have different designs, styles and options to match your room.

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Why should I purchase window coverings from Artisan Shutter?

Artisan Shutter has been providing quality window coverings for over twenty years. The Artisan Shutter employees are highly trained, qualified, and experienced in window coverings. We offer a warranty on all window coverings, and our shutters come with a lifetime warranty. We personally measure your windows and doors, so we can guarantee our window coverings will fit perfectly. We offer custom colors and finishes for our window coverings and the finishes are applied in a special paint shop that is light sensitive, so the finishes come out perfect!

Every custom order comes with a guaranteed time delivery, and we supply expert installation for all window coverings. We offer unique, one-of-a-kind window coverings and treatments for our customers. Artisan Shutter is the only window covering provider that actually offers made in America window treatments, and our shutters are made right in Charlotte. Artisan Shutter provides the ultimate quality service for our customers. We back our window coverings and installations with a 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason our customers are not pleased with our window treatments or installations, you can simply call us and we will make it right. We have been providing the best window treatments available for over twenty years. Artisan Shutter is window covering specialist.  If you are interested in getting the best window coverings for your home, contact Artisan Shutter. We will come to your home, go over our variety of options and have your window coverings made right for your windows.

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