What are the Different Types of Shutters?

First time shutter shoppers can feel overwhelmed with the different styles, sizes, materials and types of shutters that is available. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you know what the different types of shutters are available and the benefits of each shutter.

Full Height Shutters – A full height shutter are shutters that are full length of the window. The full height shutter will provide more light for the homeowner. They allow a complete access to the window.

Half Shutters – A half shutter is also known as the café style shutter. It covers the lower bottom section of the window. The blades on the shutter can be positioned to a 45 degree angle. The half shutter can allow the homeowner to still hang drapes or curtains.

Split Shutters – A split shutter is a full window shutter, but the top and bottom panel of the shutter can be opened or closed separately. This type allows the homeowner to open the top of the shutters and leave the bottom shutters closed. Split shutters are very popular in homes, because of the advantage of opening the top or bottom shutters.

There are different type of shutters. A homeowner can choose all different types of shutters for different windows in their home. If you are looking for quality shutters, then Artisan Shutter is your shutter provider. Artisan Shutter has been providing shutters for homeowners for over twenty years. They are dedicated in providing quality shutters to meet you and your home’s needs. Give Artisan Shutter a call today to discuss the different type of shutters.

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