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Charlotte Shutters Stabilize Temperature with Great Design!

Artisan Shutter was scheduled to install shutters for a customer in Charlotte. The customer, Ashley Hilton had just purchased her first home and needed reliable shutters. The customer wanted the shutters to add appeal for her home, but also keep the heat of the sun out, and keep the home at a stable temperature. The Artisan Shutter designers measured the windows, then went over options in shutters for Ashley, then placed the order with our Charlotte mill. When the shutters arrived we promptly arrived on time to install the shutters. The Artisan Shutter installers installed each shutter, then demonstrated the operation for Ashley. We asked Ashley what she thought of the shutters, and she said, “Great!” We asked her how she found our company, and she said her sister recommended us. She said we did all of her sisters shutters, and they looked amazing, so she wanted us to do her shutters when she bought her home. We received a card from Ashley recently that said, “Thank you for doing such a great job on my shutters. I appreciate the professionalism that went into the design and installation. I will recommend your shutter services to all my friends.”

Artisan Shutter would like to thank you for trusting us with your home. We value your kind words. Artisan Shutter provides high quality shutters that are made right here in Charlotte, so our customers get the best shutters available. Artisan Shutters also provides other services too. We provide all types of shades and blinds. We look forward to being your shutter specialists.

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Charlotte Plantation Shutters Update Living Room!

The shutter specialists at Artisan Shutter was scheduled to give service to a homeowner in Charlotte. The homeowner, Bill and Mary Stevens wanted to update their living and dining room with plantation shutters. We met with the homeowners to decide what they wanted the shutters to provide for their spaces, then we measured and had the shutters custom made. When the shutters arrived our team arrived at the home to start the installation process. We installed each shutter, and made sure they were a perfect fit. We brought the homeowners in to show them shutters, and ask for their final inspection and approval. Bill and Mary said the shutters looked amazing. While talking with the homeowners, we asked them how they found Artisan Shutters, and they said they Googled us. Our company was the only company that offered a lifetime warranty along with a professional installation. We invited the homeowners to leave us any feedback, because we appreciate when our customers let us know how we did with their shutters. Bill and Mary left us feedback that said, “Artisan Shutters arrived promptly on time to install our shutters. Each employee was professional and experienced in shutters. They gave us a lifetime warranty, and their prices were very affordable. They did an excellent job.”

Artisan Shutter would like to thank you for trusting us with your shutters. We also would like to thank you for your kind feedback. Artisan Shutter provides other services too for homeowners. We provide all types of shades, blinds and window treatments. Contact Artisan Shutter for all your window treatments.

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Charlotte Custom-Made Shutters Highly Recommended by Customer

Artisan Shutter was scheduled to give service to a customer in Charlotte, South Carolina. The customer, Rebecca Johnson wanted custom designed shutters for her newly purchased home. Rebecca met with our designers, and together we precisely designed shutters that would match the décor of the space along with provide shade, and energy efficiency. The Artisan Shutter team arrived promptly on time once the shutters were custom made and arrived to install the shutters in the home. We protected our shoes before entering the home, then carefully installed all the shutters. When we had all the shutters installed, we showed Rebecca how the shutters looked and operated, and asked her how they looked. Rebecca said the shutters looked great. While we talked with her we asked her how she heard about Artisan Shutter, and she said she searched online, and found us online. She said our previous customers gave us such highly respected reviews, and along with our prices and custom design is what led her to choose us. We noticed that Rebecca left us a review later that said, “Artisan Shutters provide the best shutters on the market. They are hands on with their design. They installed the shutters perfectly. I highly recommend Artisan Shutters.”

Artisan Shutters would like to thank you for trusting us with your shutters, and home. Artisan Shutters provides Charlotte homeowners with quality craftsmanship, lifetime warranty, and trained professional shutter installers for each purchase. We wanted to let you know that we also provide other services too. We offer shades, blinds, and all custom installation. Contact Artisan Shutters for all your window coverings. We are the best in Charlotte.

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Mint Hill Shutter and Drapery Installation

We had a customer from Mint Hill, North Carolina, give us a call about having shutters and drapes installed into their dining room. This beautiful dining room has dark walls, so bringing in some controlled sunlight with the shutters, add a nice feel for the room. The drapes are great to completely block the sunlight and keep the privacy in the room. The drapes that this particular customer chose were beautiful gold that accented the red walls nicely.  The shutters are custom-fit, so previous measurements were necessary. An artisan comes out and measures, in addition to showing you all of your options, to give you options to help you make the best decision for your home. Once we finished installing the shutters and drapery, the customers loved it! The look and feel of the room dramatically improved. To learn more about North Carolina’s shutter experts, click here!


Huntersville Shutter Installation

Our customer from Huntersville needed a shutter installation. They picked out the one they wanted and we came over and delivered the shutters, along with the installation. Our team gathered and measured the windows properly before the shutters were ordered, because all of our work is custom-made for a perfect fit!  We installed the shutters, which were a wonderful touch to the house. Our customer, Rebecca, was in love with our work! She said that from the first contact with Michael through the installation, all went wonderfully. Michael was very informative and made the process easy. Rebecca thoroughly enjoyed our service and said she cannot wait until next time!

At Artisan Shutter, we make all of our products in the United States. Our wood shutters are very energy-efficient and allow you to control the amount of light that enters the room.  Our artisans help you make the best decision to fit your needs. Our American shutters are backed by a limited, lifetime warranty. To learn more about our high-quality shutters, click here!

What Questions Should I Ask when Shopping for Shutters?

When you have decided to start shopping for shutters, knowing what questions to ask will make your shopping experience effective. It is important to ask the right questions so you get the perfect shutters for your home.

  1. Is the shutters made of real wood? Real wood shutters will resist moisture more effectively than faux wood. This is important for home with high moisture or if the shutters are going in a bathroom that has high moisture.
  2. Does the shutters come with an inside or outside mount? Having the correct mount is important. If the mount is on the inside, then it can interfere with removal of screens, window openings and locks. An outside mount that attaches to a wood frame is a great option as it attaches with ease and will be out of the way of any obstacles.
  3. Do the shutters come with a mortise hinge? A mortise hinge will look better on the window.
  4. What type of materials does the shutters come in? Shutters can come in a variety of materials and designs.
  5. Are you insured? When you are hiring a shutter company to install shutters, then you want to make sure they carry the proper insurance. The proper insurance will protect you and your home.
  6. How long have you been in business? Knowing how long a shutter company has been in business is important to know. If the shutter company has been in company for a long time, then you will know this company is a professional shutter business.
  7. Do you offer a warranty? Having a warranty on your shutters is needed in case there is a problem with your shutters.
  8. How long does it take to install shutters? A shutter company can come to your home and measure your windows. It can take one to two days, depending on how many shutters you are having installed.

Ordering shutters doesn’t have to be difficult. Ask plenty of questions. A professional company will assist you in answering all your questions. Artisan Shutters are a professional shutter company. They have been providing shutters for over twenty years. Give them a call today!

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How Can You Tell the Quality of Shutters

A homeowner wants to have the very best shutter in their home. How can a homeowner tell the quality of shutters? What are some of the signs that a homeowner should look for to see if the shutter is high quality? A few simple tips can help homeowners identify the quality of a shutter.

  1. A quality shutter will have a mortised hinge. A mortised hinge on a shutter will achieve a tight and effective fit to your window. A low quality shutter will have gaps appear on the side that allows unwanted light, heat and cold to come through. A mortised hinge will prevent unwanted gaps and give the shutter a perfect fit.
  2. A quality shutter will be custom built for your window. Every window is different. A quality shutter will have a window opening of 1/16 inch so the window and shutter fits correctly. If there is more than 1/16 inch with your window shutter, then gaps will be noticeable.
  3. The finish on the shutter should be smooth. The paint finish should be thick enough that the wood grain is not seen.
  4. The shutter should be strong. The shutter should last a homeowner many years.

Having quality shutters are important. Shutters can provide more than privacy to a homeowner. A quality shutter can be achieved by purchasing your shutters from a company who knows and understands quality shutters. Artisan Shutters is the only company to talk to for quality shutters.

Give Artisan Shutter a call today, for all your shutter needs!

What are the Different Types of Shutters?

First time shutter shoppers can feel overwhelmed with the different styles, sizes, materials and types of shutters that is available. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you know what the different types of shutters are available and the benefits of each shutter.

Full Height Shutters – A full height shutter are shutters that are full length of the window. The full height shutter will provide more light for the homeowner. They allow a complete access to the window.

Half Shutters – A half shutter is also known as the café style shutter. It covers the lower bottom section of the window. The blades on the shutter can be positioned to a 45 degree angle. The half shutter can allow the homeowner to still hang drapes or curtains.

Split Shutters – A split shutter is a full window shutter, but the top and bottom panel of the shutter can be opened or closed separately. This type allows the homeowner to open the top of the shutters and leave the bottom shutters closed. Split shutters are very popular in homes, because of the advantage of opening the top or bottom shutters.

There are different type of shutters. A homeowner can choose all different types of shutters for different windows in their home. If you are looking for quality shutters, then Artisan Shutter is your shutter provider. Artisan Shutter has been providing shutters for homeowners for over twenty years. They are dedicated in providing quality shutters to meet you and your home’s needs. Give Artisan Shutter a call today to discuss the different type of shutters.

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How Much Do Shutters Cost

Many homeowners always ask, “How much do shutters cost”? This is a common question that is asked, but unfortunately, there is not a one-price-fits-all for shutters. To determine the cost of shutters for your home there are some factors to consider:

  1. The size of the windows
  2. The shutter material
  3. The shutter design and color
  4. Installation

Shutters are more affordable than homeowners think. Having shutters can greatly increase the value of your home. Choosing a shutter is an easy process, when you use a professional shutter company. The professional shutter company to call for all your shutter needs is Artisan Shutters.

Artisan Shutter has been providing amazing and affordable shutters for over twenty years. Artisan Shutters are available to discuss your shuttering needs and expectations. Call us today for a free consultation!