How Can You Tell the Quality of Shutters

A homeowner wants to have the very best shutter in their home. How can a homeowner tell the quality of shutters? What are some of the signs that a homeowner should look for to see if the shutter is high quality? A few simple tips can help homeowners identify the quality of a shutter.

  1. A quality shutter will have a mortised hinge. A mortised hinge on a shutter will achieve a tight and effective fit to your window. A low quality shutter will have gaps appear on the side that allows unwanted light, heat and cold to come through. A mortised hinge will prevent unwanted gaps and give the shutter a perfect fit.
  2. A quality shutter will be custom built for your window. Every window is different. A quality shutter will have a window opening of 1/16 inch so the window and shutter fits correctly. If there is more than 1/16 inch with your window shutter, then gaps will be noticeable.
  3. The finish on the shutter should be smooth. The paint finish should be thick enough that the wood grain is not seen.
  4. The shutter should be strong. The shutter should last a homeowner many years.

Having quality shutters are important. Shutters can provide more than privacy to a homeowner. A quality shutter can be achieved by purchasing your shutters from a company who knows and understands quality shutters. Artisan Shutters is the only company to talk to for quality shutters.

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