What is the best way to clean and maintain my window coverings?

The best way to clean and maintain window coverings is to do weekly or bi-weekly dusting and cleaning. Dusting is an excellent way to clean window treatments. A feather duster is a great way to remove dust that has gathered on window coverings. Also, using a soft cloth with furniture polish applied to the cloth can be used. Gently go over the window covering with the soft cloth to remove all dust, dirt, and debris. If you do this regularly, then the window coverings will stay clean and maintained. 

There is no major maintenance that needs to be done for the window coverings; they have a very low maintenance. The window coverings just need to be cleaned regularly, so they stay looking good and operating properly. Artisan Shutter offers low maintenance window coverings. Our shutters are crack, chip, and warp-free, because we use quality wood, and excellent craftsmanship. Our shutters come with a lifetime warranty, because they are so durable. We offer our customers with quality window coverings, and a warranty on all of our products. If you are tired of replacing your window coverings often because they break, fade, and just don’t last, then contact Artisan Shutter. We are Charlotte’s window covering specialists.